FINCA - Small loans, big changes

Here’s another segment from my interview on World Finance.

In a discussion on Africa following the ebola outbreak, I describe how governments, together with millions of small and medium enterprises, can unleash enormous potential for economic prosperity through investment in infrastructure.

I also explain how FINCA plans to go beyond microfinance, expanding into sectors such as energy, education, and healthcare.

Thanks again to Kumutha for a great interview.

During my recent stay in London I appeared on World Finance to highlight the importance of cultivating a strong culture of philanthropy in the UK, and worldwide. In this interview, I also explain how crucial financial services are to development, and poverty alleviation on a global scale.

I want to thank Kumutha for a fantastic interview!

On Tuesday, I appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe, where I had the opportunity to discuss the growth and change of the microfinance industry over the past 30 years. In this clip, I talk about how we went from being the “disrupters”, to the “disrupted”. Watch:

I’m pleased to share with you a video from FINCA’s 30th anniversary event at Parliament.

On this momentous celebration, we welcomed all 23 CEOs from our programs in Latin America, Africa, Eurasia, South Asia, and the Middle East.

We were honored to have Laura Hemrika from Credit Suisse and Rachel Robbins, board member of FINCA FMH, deliver inspiring speeches to mark the occasion.

Also joining us were our sponsor, Credit Suisse, our partners from DFID, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, EBRD, FMO, Goldman Sachs, IFC, Symbiotics, and Triple Jump, and esteemed members of the press.

Thanks to all who made this an unforgettable evening!

I had the pleasure of doing a conference call with a number of our supporters last week. We dubbed it our inaugural “FINCA Talks” series. Thanks to all of you who participated, and thanks especially for giving me the opportunity to reflect on how we’ve grown since our humble start 30 years ago.

One of my favorite questions was “How is FINCA different from the nearly 10,000 organizations worldwide that are engaged in microfinance?” It boils down to one word, which all our team members embody: integrity. This is a trait that I firmly believe distinguishes us from the rest.

Listen for yourself here on FINCA’s website and stay tuned for the next edition when we will hear from some of our team in the field.

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