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In this latest interview on Morning Money, I discuss how our village banking model creates opportunities for both the self-employed and small businesses with employees, why microfinance works well in developing economies but is a less relevant model in formal economies such as Europe and the U.S., and how we have partnered with commercial banks to help us expand and improve services for our clients.

I’d like to thank Sandra Kilhof and Billy Bambrough for having me on the show. Listen to the show here:

On December 2nd, I was invited to speak at London School of Economics Finance Society, where I talked about my personal journey into social entrepreneurship, as well as the early days of FINCA; how John Hatch and I pioneered the village banking model in Latin America, and, over the course of 30 years, expanded to over 1 million clients worldwide.

Here is a video of the talk.

I want to thank the LSE Finance Society for this fantastic opportunity to connect with the next generation of ‘disrupters’ and social entrepreneurs!

In this interview, I had the opportunity to discuss our village banking model in detail —  how we found our client base, raised money, and staffed the organization — and to share the moving story of Cissy Sekyewa, a FINCA client and successful entrepreneur.

When asked, “Is microfinance alone enough to get people out of poverty?” I stated that we need to expand our reach into other sectors including health, education, and energy. This led me to discuss one of our pilot programs, FINCA + Clean Energy, in Uganda, which provides training sessions for energy entrepreneurs and access to small loans that allow them to purchase solar powered products.

I want to thank Ed Mitchell for having me on the show, and to those who have listened and shared.

My interview on Monocle’s ‘The Entrepreneurs’ is now online!

Listen here:

In this interview, you’ll hear how my early work in international development led to the start of my journey as a social entrepreneur, how our village banking model works in different regions worldwide, and of course, why social entrepreneurship is the only logical way forward! I want to thank host Daniel Giacopelli for this fantastic opportunity.

Here’s another segment from my interview on World Finance.

In a discussion on Africa following the ebola outbreak, I describe how governments, together with millions of small and medium enterprises, can unleash enormous potential for economic prosperity through investment in infrastructure.

I also explain how FINCA plans to go beyond microfinance, expanding into sectors such as energy, education, and healthcare.

Thanks again to Kumutha for a great interview.

During my recent stay in London I appeared on World Finance to highlight the importance of cultivating a strong culture of philanthropy in the UK, and worldwide. In this interview, I also explain how crucial financial services are to development, and poverty alleviation on a global scale.

I want to thank Kumutha for a fantastic interview!

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